Sunday, 29 March 2020

My favourite toy

Since Friday is toy day in school, as one of the tasks for Friday learning at home, I asked you to make a video talking about your favourite toy in English. And what a super job you all did! I was so impressed, you haven't been learning English for long. I am sure everyone watching these will be impressed too. Thank you for your videos, I will have to think of a new video challenge for next Friday. 

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Wednesday 25th March 2020

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Good morning Reception. I hope you are all smiling and happy. I miss seeing you and hope it will not be too long before we are back in school. While we wait, please keep listening to Mums and Dads and working hard.

I hope you have been practising the ou sounds. Here is a video about ow- remember that in most words in English, if the ow sound is at the end it is ow.

And Geraldine!

Can you remember what are the 5 senses?
Here is another video to help you remember.

What were some of the things the children used their senses for?
I would like you to watch this clip. It is the start of a well known film. While you are watching it, I want to you to try and remember some things that you can see, some things that you can hear and some things that you might smell! Watch up to 3:50

Tell the adult you are with some sentences about what you might see, smell and hear if you were in this circus For example “ I can see a lion, “ “I can smell and elephant”, “I can hear singing”. Can you make your sentences more interesting? For example you could add an adjective so you might say “I can see an orange lion, I can smell a big elephant, I can hear loud singing. “ In English the adjective goes before the thing so big elephant, not elephant big. If you are a fox, I would like you to write these sentences with adjectives, if you are a snake you can choose and if you are a mouse, just write a simple sentence about the three senses.

Now do some dancing to have a break

I saw some excellent pictures from 2D shapes yesterday. Today we will look at 3D shapes, these are a bit more difficult. Remember 3D shapes are shapes that you can pick up, they are NOT flat. 3D shapes, have 2D shapes on them. These are called faces. A cube has all square faces- all the shapes you can see on the cube are squares.
If you are reading from Edmodo, there is a powerpoint about 3D shapes.

Here is also 2 videos.

I want you to go round your house and try to find some 3D shapes (up to 10 if you can!). If they are small enough, can you bring them together in one room? I would like you to test them to see if they roll or slide? What shape face do they need to roll? When you have tested them, put them in 2 groups- shapes that roll and shapes that slide. What do you see the same about all the shapes that roll?
Here are some games you can play to practise 2D and 3D shapes because tomorrow we will look at a different area of maths. This is a shapes pattern game but it is quite difficult! (Select the option of shapes).

Now have some lunch, don’t forget to wash your hands!

This afternoon, we are going to think about carousels or merrygorounds, they are the same thing. Have you ever been on one? What was it like? What animal did you sit on? Here are some videos of some carousels in different fairgrounds.

What animals could you see? Would you like to try and make one? I have included here 3 different ideas of how you could make a merrygoround or carousel. The instructions and pictures just have horses on, but you could draw different animals.
The first and seconds pictures are the easiest and just needs a paper cup and a stick (toothpick or lollipop) or if you don’t have a stick, a pencil or even a fork, or spoon stuck through the cup would do. Picture 1 doesn’t have a cone but I think it would look better with a cone. For those of you without printers, you can draw a cone outline to colour and cut out or if you want to print a cone and some horses, I have included a picture you could print. Then draw some animals and stick those onto the edge of the cone. 

I have also included a pdf (on Edmodo) with a difficult merrygoround if any parents are feeling ambitious! I would love to see pictures of these or any different ones that you managed to make!

That is all for today, I’ll be back tomorrow.

Monday, 23 March 2020

24th March 2020

Good morning, sorry no video of me this morning, I will do another one a different day or for a different reason! Here is a good morning song to practise the different greetings in the day.

Did you remember when to use ou and ow yesterday?
Here is jolly phonics tricky sounds with the ou sound and a kids v phonics video to practise  reading and saying ou

If you are reading this from edmono, there is a powerpoint with some ou sounds. There is also 2 sheets you can print if you want some work to practise writing ou sounds. Otherwise, can you write 3 words with the ou sound. If you are a fox (and anyone else who feels like you can), can you write these in a sentence for example mouse, The mouse is small.

This week in writing we are thinking about writing about our senses- what can you see, hear, smell, touch and taste. Today we will think about what the senses are.
Here is a song about the senses.

I would like you to choose 2 senses and write 1 sentence about each with something for your house for example you might choose sight and write I can see a table. I can hear a car or whatever it is you can see, hear, touch, smell or taste. Tomorrow we will write sentences about the circus.  

This morning here is some P.E to get you going. This video is 21 minutes long but just do as much as you can. Don’t forget to drink before and in the rest stops. See if you can do all the activities for the right number of moves with the children on the video.

Now it is time for some maths. Before we start shapes, lets count to 100. I hope you are getting good at this.

I saw several good examples of shape hunts from yesterday. Which shape was there not many of in your house? In my house, there aren’t many triangles. Remember 2D shapes are flat shapes that you can’t pick up. Here is another video about 2D shapes to watch. See if you can get the name of the shape before the man.

Here is a challenge activity for you. In a magazine or newspaper cut out lots of shapes, probably you will need about 15. For example on one page if you see a square on a pizza box for example, cut it out. If you don’t have any newspapers or magazines, ask an adult to draw some shapes and cut them out. When you have finished, can you put them together to make a picture? I have included some examples but you don’t have to use one of these………..

I would love to see some pictures of these. Can you count how many of each shape you used for example 2 square, 4 rectangles etc.
Here is a song about the circus for you with some shapes. Here are some patterns made from shapes. Here is another shapes game for you to play before we finish today.

Now go and enjoy your lunch, don’t forget to wash your hands.

I saw some amazing clowns from yesterday, even clown faces made from cake! Super job!
This afternoon, I would like you to do some activities from the choice board. I know some of you started some yesterday.
If you would like to play some more shape games, here are some you could play. (can open on the web app or download to play on a tablet)

Or you could finish the P.E video if you didn’t finish it earlier. Have fun and I’ll be back tomorrow with some more activities (and more craft!).

Finally, please don't forget to respond to the email about Edmodo, as a school, we are going to use this as a platform instead of the blogs, you need to create an account to be able to access the work.

Monday 23rd March 2020

Good morning Reception children and parents. Let’s start with a good morning song.

Here is a little surprise for you!

As we have had 2 days of weekend, I would like you to recap some of the jolly phonics sounds- the single sounds in order of the alphabet. I hope you are all getting really good and quick at your sounds now. If parents would like me to listen to your children read their tricky words or sounds, please send me a video, I can send a list of the next tricky words or sounds.

This week, we are going to recap ow and ou sounds. Can you remember when we use ow and when we use ou? If the sound is in the middle of a word, we normally would use ou and at the end, we would use ow, this is because in English, hardly any words end with a u. Also, you can hear the w at the end of a word if you say the word and sound slowly.
Here is Geraldine trying to say words with the ou sound.

I hope you managed to find something to do at the weekend even if it was just playing at your house or in your garden. I want you to try and write about what you did. You might write At the weekend, I stayed in my house. I played with my Mum and my sister. We played on the computer.
Or maybe you can write about something you made, or something you ate. Don’t forget some full stops and capital letters. Foxes I would like you to try your sounds on your own, if you normally have help with letters, you can have help and if you have yellow pen from me, an adult can write and you can overwrite or try and copy the letters.
We are also going to do some handwriting practise today looking at curly caterpillar letters, for some this will be easy peasy, for others a bit more of a challenge. If you would like a sheet to print to practise these, please email me. If you have already asked me for extra work, I will be sending the weeks work for you today and it will include a curly caterpillar handwriting sheet in it.
Watch these 2 videos on how to write a curly caterpillar letter c and a.

Can you practise some on paper? Or how a bout in a tray of flour? Or in some sand if you have some?

Now have a break and do some dancing                   

Today in maths, we are going to recap 2D shapes. Here are 2 songs to help learning shapes. Remember a 2D shape is a shape that is flat, you can’t pick it up. The ouch parts are called corners. Can you talk about the corners on the shapes you see in the videos?

Take a piece of paper and fold it in half (besos and crab, the children will know what this means!) and then in half again so you have four sections. In each section, I want you to write the name of a shape so you might write square, rectangle, triangle circle for example or you can choose some different shapes. Then find 3 things that you can find of each shape and draw them in the box- this time you can draw small! If you can try to write some of the objects underneath, that would be great, or get an adult to write for you what you found.

Can you use shapes to make patterns? See if you can continue these patterns and talk about the shapes as you do it.
Well done, good job!

We will still be learning more about the circus. What do you know about the circus already? Who might you find in the circus. Most circus’s will have at least one clown show and most of the clowns have crazy colourful hair and a red nose.
Here are some clowns in a circus in China.

 What do you know about clowns? Here are some clowns you could make in your house. Or use any other thing or way you can find to make the hair. Don’t forget the red nose!

If you don’t want to make a clown face, look at some of the choice activities on the new choice board and choose  2 or 3 to do.

That’s all for today, have fun 😊

Sunday, 22 March 2020

Choices board week 2

Here is the choices board for week 2, the week starting Monday 23rd March 2020. If there are any days you finish your work quickly and want an extra challenge here are some to try. Please remember to take photos and send them to me at And please also remember that you can ask for extra work if you want any sheets to print off.

Well done Reception!!

I hope you have all had a nice weekend. Thank you for all your hard work from last week. I was working hard to get all the work ready for you and responding to your parents. Thank you to the parents who sent me pictures of your children and of work. Here are some pictures of what you have been learning and making. Please keep sending them to me and I will post some more next week.

Friday, 20 March 2020

Friday 20th March 2020

Good morning everyone! We made it to the end of the first week of online home teaching. Thank you to all the parents and other adults who have helped this week in the education of your child. I have enjoyed finding some activities that you can do at home and have loved seeing some photos of your work. I hope all the Dad’s liked their Father’s Day cards.

Today in phonics, I would like you to recap all the jolly phonics sounds then we will watch one more oy and oi video. Next week we will look at another sound.

I was very impressed to see some of your sentences from yesterday with verbs about what the animals were doing in the circus story. Today I have a choice of 2 practical activities that you can do to help with tricky words or sounds or letters of your name if you don’t have sound cards.
1) On 10 plastic or paper cups (you can maybe use these later for maths!) write 10 words from your tricky word list, 10 sounds from your sound cards or the letters of your name (reapeat some until you have got 10). Stack them in a pyramid like this. Stand back and CAREFULLY! throw a ball towards the pyramid. Which word or letter did you hit? If you can say it correctly, you get 1 point, if you say it incorrectly, the adult gets 1 point. Stack the cups again and keep playing until one person gets 5 or 10 points.

2) Put your tricky word cards, or sound cards, or letters of your name written on cut up papers, on the floor facing up. Ask an adult top ut a timer on for 20 seconds. Using a fly swatter (if you have one, otherwise maybe use a tennis racquet/bat, toy sword or make something out of card), swat the words and read them as you swat them. The adult you are with can keep count of how many times you say the word correctly. You only get a point if you say it correctly. Now let the adult have a go and you can give them points!

If you want a challenge, you can write other words to go on the floor like words from your reading books if you have them, or the animals you have written from the story.

Now for a dance break, this is one of my favourites!

Time for maths- count to 100

Today in Maths, I would like you to try and make a balance scales. There are various different ways to make one that you can find online, but here is one that I think you should be able to make using things in your house. Then I want you to have fun weighing some (small!) things that you can find and talking about which is heavy and light and which is the heaviest and the lightest. Before you put them in the scales, can you guess which is the heaviest and which is the lightest? I would love to see some pictures of your scales!

To finish our week’s learning on comparing, here are a couple more games you can play to practise comparing.

I saw some excellent elephant pictures from the youtube video and some great handprint animals from yesterday. If you would like to try and draw some more animals from the circus, here are some simple step by step guides.

If not, maybe do 2 or 3 more activities from the choice board, or choose a couple of the games that you enjoyed from this week.
I hope you enjoy your weekend of 2 days of rest and I will be ready on Monday with some more fun activities and learning for you.